Who we are

Podcasts for the curious

Our team at Ramaley Media are committed to promoting STEM in society.

Focusing on podcasts about Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Innovation, Ramaley Media is the place to find all the information that makes up the world around us.

What’s in a name

The goal of Ramaley Media is to take existing knowledge and rearrange it so that it can be perceived in an easier and more engaging manner.

In 2001 Dr Judith Ramaley coined the acronym STEM for the first time in reference to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Prior to that it was referred to as SMET – “I didn’t like the sound of that word,” Ramaley is quoted as saying.

Ramaley Media honours the key concept of what Dr Ramaley did back in 2001….  She took the acronym SMET and rearranged it to be STEM. This simple rearrangement forever changed the way society perceived and interacted with science, technology, engineering and maths.  She changed the world, and so will we.

Meet the founder

Discovering podcasts was a pivotal moment in Melanie’s life. It was a moment that showed her the path to Ramaley Media.

For over 20 years Mel worked extensively in the IT space, never realising she should be considered as working within STEM.

It wasn’t until she started her first podcast – Beer with an engineer – that Mel really realised her passion of being a STEM Advocate.  And through Ramaley Media, Mel is shining a light on all things STEM to encourage and inspire the world.

So inspiring…

“Create something that will make the world awesome”

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known”

“Be loud about the things that are important to you”

Our Advisory Board

Ramaley Media’s Advisory Board are committed to sharing their in-depth industry knowledge and wisdom. They provide strategic advice in their fields of interest and expertise. Each member was specifically selected due to their unique skillset, their capability and for the guidance they can provide to the direction of Ramaley Media

Fiona Mahony

Brings business vision and Board experience to Ramaley Media.

Karly Nimmo

Karly Nimmo

20+ years working with audio.  This lady is a Guru.

Felicity Furey

STEM advocate who makes the impossible possible.

Lenka Kollar

STEM Advocate and a masterful communicator.

Our Creative Team

Ramaley Media is made up of a very talented group of individuals.  On their own they are successful entrepreneurs, but under the Ramaley umbrella they make magic happen.

Melanie De Gioia

Melanie is an experienced podcast creator

Ramaley Media’s Founder and Director.  She brings many years of podcast production and loves sharing stories through podcasts.

Tennille Scicluna

The ultimate Boss Lady and graphic designer extraordinaire

Tennille is passionate about helping to world and works to her super power to get it done.

Elizabeth Maniscalco

Elizabeth is a musical magician.

Elizabeth is multi-instrumentalist, composer and music producer with 10+ music industry experience in performance and collaboration both locally and internationally.

Sahnaz Bustomi

Podcast Producer on STEMology and Pitch Your PhD.

She started as an intern in 2021 and we couldn’t bare to see her leave!

Dr Sophie Calabretto

Host of STEMology

Dr David Farmer

Host of STEMology

Dr Catherine Ball

Host of Pitch Your PhD

Rachel Britliff

Host of Idea Evolution