Ramaley Media welcomes The Importance of Being Human

The Importance of Being Human joins forces with Ramaley Media

Ramaley Media is a podcast network with the mission of promoting all stories of STEM and Innovation

Tara Jacobsen brings her podcast, The Importance of Being Human, into the Ramaley Media Network

As humanity navigates the 4th Industrial Revolution, what it means to be human will be challenged and will evolve

Melanie De Gioia, Director and CEO of Ramaley Media is excited to announce the addition to the Ramaley Network a new podcast created by Tara Jacobsen.

Tara’s work with The Importance of Being Human brings thought leadership to how the human world and the digital world could and should be incorporated.

It’s wonderful to have Tara join Ramaley Media, her podcast is an important story to tell

What is The Importance of Being Human?

The Importance of Being Human Podcast explores what truly makes us human and how we will need to adapt and thrive in the coming decades.

In this podcast we will explore how, as the world changes, being human will become more relevant in the way we work and live.

Tara be will interviewing a range of guests from all walks of life who will give you a peek into their world and their thoughts on the changing world around us and how we need to adapt to thrive.

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