Hackathons and Events

Specialising in Hackathons and Award Ceremonies, Ramaley Media can bring your event to a global stage.


Advanced Project Management

Melanie is an experienced Project Manager, trained in Agile, PMBOK and Prince2. She will be able to develop and grow your vision into reality.


Virtual events are the way forward

Why limit your event to just the local community?  Melanie and the team at Ramaley have experience at merging live and virtual events and bringing your event to a GLOBAL audience.


The event of the future

Experts at merging live events with the virtual world.  Ramaley Media will bring your event to life and show how it can change the world.

Why Hackathon?

A hackathon is a sprint-like design event where teams are challenged to solve a real-world problem is a short period of time.

Ramaley Media specialises in creating hackathons that are non-coding, focusing on producing solutions to challenges that are innovative and pitch-ready.

Our hackathons are events that present your audience with an opportunity to test their technical and theoretical STEM skills against the best in the world.

From ideation, challenge development, stakeholder management, participation acquisition… through to event management, entry organisation and judge and mentor onboarding… Ramaley Media can help you make your hackathon thoughts into a reality.

Specialists in Virtual events

Since COVID-20 changed the world, Ramaley Media has successfully grown and adapted to the benefits of a virtual event.

Society is being challenged on many fronts. Bushfires, droughts, heatwaves, increased storms, increasing water levels and not to ignore COVID-19. All of these challenges have underscored the importance of the requirement of having an engaged and active STEM workforce to help people make better decisions.

Zoom and the other meeting software has seen many great changes to society… But Ramaley Media proposes this is just the beginning.

Bringing your STEM events and competitions to life and to a global audience is something we are specialists at.


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