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STEMology is released

Ramaley Media has launched its new cornerstone podcast, STEMology, for all people interested in the latest STEM news.

Dr David Farmer and Dr Sophie Calabretto will be weekly discussing the highlights and discoveries happening in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

David and Sophie have the perfect blend of knowledge and quirkiness to provide their take on some of the latest STEM news

Every week, the team at Ramaley Media sift through all the STEM blogs, newsletters and press releases to select the most interesting and impactful news to share.  There is a very strong focus on the innovation that is occurring in Australia.

STEMology will present all the news about Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, in a fun and easy to follow podcast form.

To get my STEM-fix, I used to have to be subscribed to about 10 different newsletters.  Now I can just listen to Sophie & David on STEMology

What is STEMology?

STEMology is a weekly podcast presenting the latest news and interesting information  coming out of the Australian STEM & Innovation industries.

Ramaley Media is a specialist podcast network, specialising in sharing STEM stories.  STEMology is their cornerstone podcast series which was created out of Melanie’s frustration in finding a source of interesting news that covered her interests across the STEM spectrum.

When Ramaley Media launched in January 2021, it made a nation-wide callout for two hosts to lead the charge with this podcast.  With nearly 40 individuals submitting their interest, it was a very competitive field.

Finding David & Sophie, with an already established friendship and rapport, was just incredible.

Ramaley Media is now accepting offers to advertise on the podcast.  Reach out to Mel to discuss this process.

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