Searching for a podcast host: STEMology

Join a team of STEM Advocates

What is STEMology?

STEMology is a podcast that is launching on the Ramaley Media network in late Q1 of 2021.

It will be a weekly podcast show, starring two hosts.  Each week our hosts will present the latest news and interesting information that is coming out of the Australian STEM & Innovation industry.

Host search

STEMology is looking for two hosts to be the face of STEMology.

Submissions can be made on your own or with a partner.  Even though we’re looking for two hosts, they can be friends or strangers at the beginning.

What we’re looking for:
  • This is a talent callout.  No previous skill in podcast recording or media is required
  • A STEM Advocate
  • Skill and knowledge in any of the STEM fields
  • Speaks clearly
  • Fun personality with a “can-do” attitude
  • Interest in all aspects of STEM
Expectations of the role:
  • Approximately 3 hours of effort per week. This will be made up of 1hr story research, 1 hour production meeting and 1 hour recording.
  • Remuneration will be offered, but not exactly “private jet” money… if ya know what I mean 🤑
  • Ability to contribute stories each week – this means you will need to be able to keep a finger on the “pulse” of the wider industry through reading articles, blogs etc..
  • There may be promotional work required which will be outside of regular production schedule

Application has now closed

If you have applied, please check your email (including SPAM) for Round 1 information.

Stay tuned…. STEMology planned launch early March!

Application process

Round One

Once applications close, Ramaley Media will reach out to applicants with the request for them to record a brief 5 min mock episode.

Round Two

Rd1 successful applicants will be asked to participate in a mock recording of the show.


The aim is to launch early March.  So it’s all happening!

Open to advertisers!

Is this the type of show you think your brand might be interested in advertising on?  We would love to discuss options with you.

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