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Fascinating Facts about Ramaley Media

Ramaley Media is the voice of STEM Advocates.

We are a podcast production agency. We are a podcast media network.

We are the voice of STEM and Innovation.

About Ramaley Media

Our Guarantee… every show and episode on the Ramaley Media network will tell a story of STEM and Innovations

What is Ramaley Media

Specialists in sharing STEM stories.

Ramaley Media are true STEM advocates. We have a mission to produce and promote all topics of STEM and Innovation to a wide audience.
We do this through two key areas of our business.

Podcast production agency

We love podcasts. We love listening to them, but we also love making them. There are so many amazing stories out there to be told about STEM and Innovation, and nothing would bring us more joy than to help you produce your podcast and get your voice heard.

Podcast network

With over 1 million podcasts in existence – and growing daily – Ramaley Media believes there is strength in numbers. By utilising tools from our podcast host, Ramaley Media is able to provide cross-promotion of its podcasts to attract a wider audience for all. Creating a podcast network is key to ensuring our stories get heard.

The Team

Everyone at Ramaley Media is a STEM advocate.

Melanie is the Director and CEO of Ramaley Media. For over 20 years she worked on global technology projects. Discovering podcasts made her realise the incredible power of this medium and she now thrills at her ability to share all the inspiring STEM & Innovation stories.

Through Ramaley Media, Melanie is joined by an Advisory Board who are committed to sharing their in-depth industry knowledge and wisdom. They provide strategic advice in their fields of interest and expertise. Each member was specifically selected due to their unique skillset, their capability and for the guidance they can provide to the direction of Ramaley Media. The Advisory Board includes:

Karly Nimmo – an experienced podcaster with 20+ years of radio & podcasting experience

Felicity Furey – high-profile STEM Advocate, engineer and entrepreneur

Lenka Koller – engineer and an experienced STEM communicator and advocate.

Fiona Mahony – an agile STEM manager with extensive Board & business experience


What’s in a name?

In 2001 Dr Judith Ramaley coined the acronym STEM for the first time in reference to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

Prior to that it was referred to as SMET, a term not well liked by Dr Ramaley.

By naming the company Ramaley Media, Melanie is honouring the key concept of what Dr Ramaley did back in 2001….  She took the acronym SMET and rearranged it to be STEM. This simple rearrangement forever changed the way society perceived and interacted with science, technology, engineering and maths.

The goal of Ramaley Media is to take existing knowledge and rearrange it so that is able to be perceived in an easier and more engaging manner by the general society.

25% (and increasing) of Australians listen to podcasts monthly.

Advertise on Ramaley Media and get your message heard by an engaged and interested audience.

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