Podcasts…. What’s all the noise about?

Podcasts can change lives.

They are not just entertainment like TV shows and movies. Podcasts can honestly affect and influence their audience. I should know… because they changed my life.

As of mid 2021, there are now over 2 million podcasts episodes available. 1 million of these alone were created in the last 12 months.

So, what’s all the noise about? Why are there so many podcasts? How did it get to be like this?

Way back in the 20th Century, our personal schedule revolved around the TV. Events were planned around our desire to watch certain shows and we would devour the TV Guide so we would know what was in store for our viewing pleasure.

The closest we got to “on demand entertainment” was the VHS/DVD or the cassette/CD. “On demand” wasn’t even a common term in society’s vernacular.

For those of you reading this who were born in the 21st Century, you probably have no idea what half of the words I’ve just written mean! Yes, I sound old, but the generation gap does not start with me. Because I’m down with the lingo and hip to the modern happenings.

To really understand where all the noise came from, it’s important to understand the transition that took place in only a few short years.

Here is a brief history lesson.

2001 – iTunes was launched and the world as we knew it shifted
2004 – The first podcast was recorded and launched
2005 – iTunes embedded Podcasts into their app
2006 – Spotify was launched
2007 – Apple released the iPhone and Netflix pivoted their company to only online streaming

Society was now expecting to be entertained “On Demand”.

What started with music, moved to TV shows and movies and is now well established for audio.

With over 2 million podcasts available for listening, it is very rare to find someone who hasn’t heard of podcasts….

According to recent data released from Edison Research, 91% of Australia’s are aware of podcasting.

Furthermore, 37% of Australians listen to podcasts regularly, this is an increase of 12% in 1 year. So not only is it noisier, more people are listening.

Podcasts are an incredibly easy medium to be creative in. Access to entry is low and many people take the opportunity to start a podcast to get their voice and their message heard. But it is not all gold. Some podcasts sound like they are recorded underwater, while others have the polish and sophistication that only a team of 20+ people slaving over the audio for a year can bring.

Podcasts are important. They open your voice and message to a global audience. You can make your show available and the same day have someone on the other side of the world listen to it. You can build your influence and authority on a topic by simply opening your mouth and speaking.

And finally, podcasts are a powerful medium. When people listen, there is an element of entertainment expected. But a lot of people listen to learn something. To discover a new thought.

Podcasts have the power to change lives. In June 2018, I discovered my first podcast. Three weeks later I launched my very first show. While I strongly do not recommend people to do that (I admit to making a few mistakes along the way!), I haven’t once regretted it or had a doubt that my message must be heard and that I’m changing people’s lives.

Because I know podcasts are so powerful, it makes me even more determined to share my message and passion about inspiring STEM thought leadership with the world.

So… what’s all the noise about?

That’s the sound of the world changing.

Author: Melanie De Gioia

Article first published by Future Industries Australia on https://futureindustriesaustralia.com.au/podcasting-masterclass/