We make podcasts. Podcasts which delve into the fascinating stories of STEM and Innovation.


A Podcast Production Agency

The world needs to know more. It needs your help and your voice.
If you are in the STEM or Innovation space, then we all know that the world needs to know what you’re doing.

And what better way than going straight into people’s ears with a podcast!
Ramaley Media is a specialist STEM podcast production agency. We can help you at any step in your podcasting journey, from your idea to your launch.

Let us help you share your message to the world to help change society.


A collective of STEM creatives

If you are already a podcast creator, sharing stories of STEM and Innovation, then we want to talk to you.
We can help you with any step in the podcast production, or we can just be there to share highs and lows of podcasting in this space. Join a like-minded network that will help support and amplify your important message.


A Podcast Network

Ramaley Media is your home for all podcasts STEM-related. By having a network, we help our listeners cut through the noise to discover the quality content of our podcasts.

On average, people listen to 6 – 7 podcasts a week. And wading through the million+ podcast series available can be hectic. 77% discover new podcasts through word of mouth, while 67% learn about new podcasts from promotion from other podcasts.
Ramaley Media will let STEM-curious listeners to find and listen to all the latest and greatest information in STEM and innovation.

Why make a podcast?

Podcasts are a growing source of information and entertainment for the Australian audience.

Society is being challenged on many fronts. Bushfires, droughts, heatwaves, increased storms, increasing water levels and not to ignore COVID-19. All of these challenges have underscored the importance of the requirement of having an engaged and active STEM workforce to help people make better decisions.

With an increasing prominence of podcasts being utilised by all areas of society, communication can flow out of people in STEM directly into the ears and minds of our listeners.

Millions of Australians are listening to podcasts. Podcasts are easily accessible, portable, entertaining, a purposeful way to kill dead time and a quick, memorable way to learn something.

Podcasts share valueable information and help you define your authority in a space.

Perhaps the question should be… why NOT podcasts?

The Podcasting Journey

Where ever you need us along the journey, we can help you be heard

1. Consult

What’s your story? We want to know.

Book a call with one of our expert podcast producers who can guide you on your podcasting journey.

2. Setup

The beauty of podcasts… with the right setup they can be recorded anywhere… even your wardrobe!

We can help you get setup, recording and launching in no time.

3. Record

Need help recording? We’ve got this. From virtual studios to the real thing.

4. Editing

Tighten that story. Remove those umms, ahh and likes. We can help you get it sounding right.

5. Launch

You’ve got the sound, now is time to launch it to the world. We can help with

  • Host setup & audio distribution
  • Podcast promotional page
  • Trailer
  • General promotion


Contact us to receive a quote

Our services

We can help a little or a lot.


Let Ramaley Media help you get it all across the line.

  • Workshop podcast name and cover art
  • Intro/Outro/Ad music
  • Setup of host and audio distribution
  • Schedule it for launch
  • Guidance on promotion
  • Trailer for promotion

Per Episode

Best for a season run, or for those sporadic podcast episodes.

  • We can provide recording technology (virtual or in studio)
  • Producer can be included in the recording
  • Includes episode transcript!
  • Can assist in uploading to media host


For those creatives who are churning out the episodes.

  • Everything in "Per Episode", but in one friendly monthly fee
  • Great for regular podcasters

Join the network

Underpinning EVERYTHING we do is the Ramaley Media network. We can help you as little or as much to get your podcast launched, but why stop there. There are so many benefits to joining the Ramaley Media Network.

  • Together we are louder than we are alone
  • Share an audience of like-minded listeners
  • Work with creatives who as just as passionate about STEM and Innovation as you are
  • Benefit from cross-promotion and targeted advertising revenue
  • Have the support of a production agency that has your back if things get busy

Our involvement

Everyone has a different creative process. We can help where ever you need it.


We know… you can do this yourself.
You’ve done all the recording yourself. And the audio is of a high quality that doesn’t need any/much improvement.
You know the direction and audience of your podcast.
But Ramaley Media is there so you’re not alone in this journey.
Ramaley Media will help you with polishing and putting it out to the world.

  • Access to the Ramaley Network
  • You provide the audio, we will edit it for you
  • Schedule it for launch

A Hand

You’ve got this…. but you need a hand.
You know your audience and what you want to deliver with your podcast.
You know all your guests or you have completely created the script/s yourself.
We will help you with setting up the recording, and then all the polishing, production and launching.

  • We can provide recording technology
  • One of our producers in the recording
  • Editing and launching

Full service

We’ve got this for you.
You want to make a podcast. You need to get your message out there.
But, you’re not sure about what exactly to do, or how it should sound. Or even where to start!
We will help you through the scoping phase, will guide in setting up interviews, writing scripts and then through to recording, production and launching.

  • Workshopping your idea
  • Includes all setup & launching costs
  • Project overseen by an experienced Executive Producer