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What is Pitch Your PhD?

Pitch Your PhD is a podcast that is launching on the Ramaley Media network in late Q1 of 2021.

This podcast will shed a light on the PhD process and the discoveries they are making.

It will be a monthly podcast show hosted by Dr Catherine Ball.  Every month tune in to hear the work being done around Australia’s universities by some of our brightest minds.

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Pitch Your PhD needs your STEM stories.

Taking the important work your are doing and being able to communicate it is a key skill to have.  And Pitch Your PhD is a podcast that will give the platform to 10 PhD students from an Australian university.

What we’re looking for:
  • PhD students – past or present
  • Thesis area MUST fall within the category of Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths.
  • Be able to clearly articulate your work and its impact to the wider community
What you can expect:
  • The interview will go for a total of 1 hour.
  • The questions will flow from why your topic was important to you, some of your challenges and accomplishments.
  • The key to your interview will be for us to understand how and why your thesis is important for society and how it could change the world.
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